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Repair Patches for airbeds

Repair Patches for airbeds

Art Nr: 5010004275
Art Nr: 5010004275
Price: £1.99 
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- Contains 2 repair patches 
- Suitable for fixing small punctures on all AeroBeds and other inflatable airbeds or air mats
- Made specifically for PVC
- Patches can be cut to the perfect size

PLEASE NOTE: This product does not contain a PVC adhesive. This should be purchased separately at your local hardware or building supply store.

Don’t let a tiny rip force you to use the couch instead of your airbed.  

Use these AeroBed® Repair Patches together with a PVC glue to mend small holes and tears. 

NOTE: The glue is not included in the repaid kit; therefore, please purchase the adhesive separately at your local hardware or building supply store.

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