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AeroBed® - The self-inflating airbed

Welcome to the official website of Aerobed UK.

We are based in the beautiful town Bristol, enveloped in the hills of South-West England. With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the UK's leading brands in premium inflatable airbeds. In our range of airbeds you will find single, double and king mattresses as well as raised airbed models which provide maximum comfort. 

The original bed in a bag, AeroBed® has remained at the fore of airbed innovation for over 20 years.  Every AeroBed® air bed combines premium materials with the latest technology and expertise, and we continually strive to deliver quality airbeds that offer incredible comfort and convenience. 

Whether reclaiming a rarely used spare room or making it easy to accommodate extra guests, with an AeroBed® a good night’s sleep is only ever minutes away.

Our Origins
Our story started in 1992 when we patented an innovative, new way to quickly inflate and deflate air mattresses. The first AeroBed® airbeds were a revelation. No longer would staying away from home mean enduring an uncomfortable night sleeping on leaking lilos or lumpy sofa cushions. AeroBed® air beds combined fast, convenient inflation and deflation with a premium construction ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

The turn of the century brought with it further innovation at AeroBed®. In 2001 we introduced our first raised inflatable airbed model. Combining the comfort and convenience of the original air mattress with a full height design, the raised bed quickly became the pinnacle of luxury airbeds.

We didn’t stop there. Committed to ensuring consumers enjoy a great night’s sleep, we have continued to invest in product development. As well as speeding up inflation times, introducing ever more advanced coil systems and sourcing the most robust materials, we also designed our innovative Whoosh™ valve for hassle-free deflation and storage of airbeds.

In 2010 a union of two world-leading airbed manufactures took place and AeroBed® was acquired by Coleman, the world's leading company in camping gear. 

With the backing of this partnership we continue to work on developing new and innovative airbed solutions.


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