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Customer Service


Inflation Difficulties
In the rare event of your AeroBed failing to inflate properly, please use the following as a check list.

1) If you AeroBed doesn't appear to be inflating:
First, make sure the large air release valve is closed and locked securely. If the valve is open, close it by using 2 thumbs to push the cover firmly into the valve. Be careful to avoid pushing the valve cover to the right or left as it snaps into the valve opening.

2) If air leakage from the large air release valve occurs:
Carefully inspect the soft round gasket on the inside of the valve cover. Make sure there is no dirt or debris, cuts, nicks or tears to the gasket. If there is dirt or debris; clean and use. If cut, nicked or torn, order a replacement part by contacting our Customer Support Service. 

If you are still having inflation problems then please also contact us for further help.

Contact us
Please note: Aerobed is a web based shop only, all orders have to go through our website and cannot be taken over the phone.

For General Enquiries & Spare Parts:
For general enquiries and assistance, if you are looking for a spare part, or have a question related to the performance of your product please email aerobed.nl@coleman.com or call our customer service team on 01275 845 024 (available Mon-Fri from 08:30 - 17:00).

For Returns & Warranties:
If you have a question regarding a warranty or return you must take the product back to the place of purchase along with a proof of purchase. They will be able to assess the product for you and will contact Aerobed as required. 

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