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Status of my order
After receipt of the order you will immediately receive an order confirmation via email. Your order is checked promptly and shipped within 2 business days.Can I cancel my order?
Any amendment or cancellation of an order is possible only within a very short time window as our logistic processes are very much automated in order to supply you quickly.

In such a case, please call our customer service on 01275 845 024 (available Mon-Fri from 08:30 - 17:00) or send an email to aerobed.nl@coleman.com

Please have your customer ID or order number (6 digit number from your order confirmation) handy so that we can find your order quickly.
Can I place and order by phone through customer service?
Aerobed is a web based shop only, all orders and payments have to go through our website.Enquiries from the USA
Please contact our USA office directly via www.aerobed.com
Which payment options do you offer?
We offer the following payment methods: Visa, American Express, Mastercard (both credit and debit cards), Maestro, Paypal. Credit or Debit Card
We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
Once you entered your credit card details and passed the security steps we will process your order. We won’t charge your card before shipping the order. In order to provide a high security during payment, we offer „Verified by Visa“ and „3D Secure System“.
In case you want to return or cancel an order, we will raise a credit note on your credit card.
During the order process - after selecting the payment method PayPal - you will be directed to the Paypal website in order to make your payment there.
If you return or cancel an order, the credit will be refunded to your PayPal account.
My payment cannot be processed
If your payment does not get processed, this can have several reasons:
- you entered the information on your credit card or your personal details incorrectly. Make sure that you enter the correct information and make a payment again or use a different card / payment method
- The credit card has expired or will expire at the end of the month. Since you may have to be refunded on your card, our system does not accept cards that expire in the current month or within the next 4 weeks
- The payment amount exceeds the credit line of the card. Please contact your card-issuing bank or use a different card / payment method
- The bank or the credit card company has setup restrictions for online payments for this card
- You try to place an order from a destination that is not accepted by our payment service provider
- You try to use a credit card from a country which is not accepted by our payment service provider

Do you deliver outside the UK
We deliver to any address within England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. Does not apply to offshore/island postcodes. The Billing and Shipping address must be in the same country. Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are depending on the ordered goods and value of goods:
0.00 to £49.99 order value: We charge a shipping and handling fee of £3.99
Order value above £50.00: We charge a shipping and handling fee of £4.99
Subsequent deliveries are free of charge.
There might be timely limited promotions running which allow free shipping under certain circumstances.
Do you also deliver on weekends?
No. We use UPS for our deliveries which take place Mon-Fri 8:00am - 6:00pm. We do not offer faster delivery options at present and are also unable to deliver on Saturdays.When will my delivery arrive?
We aim to send your AeroBed order out as quickly as possible and delivery is usually no more than 4-5 working days from the time that you made your purchase. We use UPS for all the delivery of our customer orders. Once you have placed the order you will receive an email order confirmation, but we won’t send out a notification when the order has been shipped.
How can I return a product?
You have the right to cancel the contract within fourteen days from the day your goods have been received. You must inform us in writing, ideally the cancellation notice should be sent through the contact us page on this website and must state your name, a description of the goods concerned and the order number of the cancelled contract. If the cancellation arrives before your goods are dispatched you will receive a full refund. If your goods have already been dispatched you have to cover the costs to return the product.

We will advise our Shipping company to pick up the order at your place. You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods. We request that you return the goods within the original unopened packaging. Refunds will be processed upon receipt and inspection.
Costs for Return Shipments
You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods.Refunds
After checking your return shipment, we will credit a refund within 14 days to the same payment method you were using for placing the order.I have ordered the wrong product by mistake, can I make an exchange?
Provided that the sealed plastic covering the AeroBed is stored in, inside the inner box is not broken, and that the delivery date is no longer than 14 days in the past, we will be able to arrange a refund so that you can then go ahead and order an alternative bed.

We can arrange collection at a cost of £9.99, this cost will be deducted from your refund once the bed has arrived back at our warehouse. If you would like to arrange an exchange please send us a message through the contact us section on this site first and ensure that you state how you propose to return your AeroBed.

Registration of account
You need to register an account with us in order to make a purchase in our online shop. Registration is easy, quick and free of charge.I have problems with my account registration
To place an order through the online shop, you must create an account. This requires:
an email address, telephone number, address and basic personal information.
If you get an error message during the registration process saying "Your email address is already in use", it has been used in the past to setup an account with us. In this case, you can use the "Forgot Password" link to receive a new password
Forgot Password
Please click here to request a new password.Update my personal details
Please logon your account. Here you can change your personal details, email address as well as billing and shipping address. Please note that an update won’t affect any orders which have been placed already.
I received damaged or defect products
If upon delivery the goods are defective or damaged, please let us know immediately by email or phone (aerobed.nl@coleman.com / on 01275 845 024), but not later than 4 days after receiving the goods. We will then discuss the next steps with you.Claims
Purchase in our online shop: If you purchased a product in our online shop and you have a complaint or a product is defective, please contact our customer service. Have your order or invoice number handy.

Purchase at a retailer: In case you purchased a product from a dealer (in store or online) and have a complaint or the product is defective, please contact the dealer directly. Please have your proof of purchase handy. The dealer will then handle the settlement.

Purchase outside the UK In case you purchased an AeroBed product outside the UK, we can’t handle this request. Please get in touch with the local dealer you purchased the product from.
Our company provides a comprehensive warranty for products, spare parts and repairs. The warranty period depends on the product. The exact warranty terms and warranties are always included in the original box.

To make a warranty claim, you will need a proof of purchase (e.g. invoice, Sales receipt).
Please never send a defective product to us without contacting our customer service upfront.
Damage during transport
Upon receipt, please check the parcel immediately and in the presence of the transport company. If you notice any damage, please don’t accept the parcel.
In case you accepted it already, please contact our customer service team and inform them about the damage. We will then arrange a pickup of the parcel.
Delivery of a wrong product
In case you received a product which you did not order, please inform our Customer Service team. We will then arrange a pickup of the product.I received a defect product
In case you received a defect product or which gets defect during the warranty period, please contact our Customer Service team. To ensure a quick and smooth handling of your complaint, please note the following points:

Add the following documents to your return sending:
1) Copy of the invoice
2) short description of the defect

Please contact Customer Service team upfront by email or phone (aerobed.nl@coleman.com / 01275 845 024), so that we can already register your complaint
Repair after warranty period ended
We do not repair airbeds. But the most common spare parts can be ordered directly from our webshop and you can replace them yourself easily. For some spare parts we show a “How to” video directly on the product page giving you guidance how to replace the part.
Where can I buy spare parts? / Is there an AeroBed repair centre?
You can order spare parts directly in our webshop. For some spare parts we show a “How to” video directly on the product page.Where can I purchase an IEC cord?
A replacement IEC cord is available to purchase from the web site.Can I buy spare covers?
We do not sell spare covers. However, all AeroBeds are manufactured to standard UK bed sizes so single, double or King Size bed linen will fit your appropriately sized AeroBedInstructions for use
For the majority of our products, instructions for use can be found here
Inflation of your AeroBed airbed
The firmness of your airbed may decrease after you initially inflate it. Your airbed is not leaking. This is normal and is caused by the material stretching after the airbed is inflated. Add air to maintain your desired firmness.

NOTE: Bed must be at room temperature prior inflating or it may cause air leaks. Pressure can vary depending on room temperature and consumer weight.

In the rare event of your AeroBed failing to inflate properly, please use the following as a check list.

1) If you AeroBed doesn't appear to be inflating:
First, make sure the large air release valve is closed and locked securely. If the valve is open, close it by using 2 thumbs to push the cover firmly into the valve. Be careful to avoid pushing the valve cover to the right or left as it snaps into the valve opening.

2) If air leakage from the large air release valve occurs:
Carefully inspect the soft round gasket on the inside of the valve cover. Make sure there is no dirt or debris, cuts, nicks or tears to the gasket. If there is dirt or debris; clean and use. If cut, nicked or torn, order a replacement part by contacting our Customer Support Service.

If you are still having inflation problems then please also contact us for further help.
Deflation of your AeroBed airbed
1. To deflate your airbed, open the valve or press the deflate button on remote.
2. Fold sides of bed into the center along its length. Tightly fold your bed towards the valve end. Roll the bed completely until all air is expelled. When your airbed is completely rolled, push the valve closed.
3. Place bed in convenient carry bag for easy storage and transport.
4. Store pump in bag with bed, do not wrap cord around bed.
5. Store your AeroBed in a clean, dry place at room temperature (above 50 °F/10 °C). Storing your AeroBed under 50 °F (10 °C) and over 100 °F (38 °C) may affect its performance and will not be covered under warranty.
Can I replace the comfort adjust button in the middle of the air outlet valve?
If this button has become detached from the main valve then you will need to replace the whole valve. To order a replacement valve please visit the spare parts section of the web site.Can the external pumps be used on different AeroBed airbeds?
The only pumps that are interchangeable are the handheld pumps that come with the AeroBed Overnighter, Comfort Raised, and Active.How many volts & watts does the pump need to operate?
Our main supply AeroBeds run off 230 volts and 115 watts.
109 Pump (Active): 230 volts, 50Hz, 0,5amps, also 12 volts when connected to cigarette lighter in car for immediately use.
How do I know when my pump is fully charged?
The first charge of your re-chargable pump should be for 24 hours, subsequent charges should be for 12 hours. There is no indicator to show when the pump is charged.
Care and Maintenance
1. Inspect your AeroBed prior to each use.
2. Keep your AeroBed away from any sharp objects. Large cuts or snags may not be repairable.
3. When not in use, store your AeroBed in a clean, dry place out of extreme temperatures. Product must be at room temperature prior to inflating.
4. Do not store your AeroBed folded inside sofa beds or roll-aways. This may cause damage to your bed that will not be covered under your guarantee.
5. In case of incidental damage to your bed, you can order a spare part. Please follow repair instructions carefully.
Rechargeable Pump: How to maintain the health of the battery?
Use the AC adapter to charge your new AeroBed® pump for 24 hours. For maximum performance, be sure to fully discharge pump before recharging. After initial charge and use, charge pump for 12 HOURS at a time.

When properly used, your pump will hold a full charge for approximately 90 days. When storing the pump for longer than 90 days, fully discharge and recharge pump every 120 days. This will help maximize pump life.
Charging your pump for periods shorter or longer than 12 hours will substantially decrease the life of your Ni-MH pump. In an emergency, a 3 hour charge will provide one inflation, however, continued charging for 3 hour periods will substantially decrease the life of your Ni-MH pump.Important: Always store pump and charger in a cool, dry place.

1.) remove pump and charger from box.
2.) remove tiny rubber plug from hole on the back of the pump. Insert the charger’s mini-plug in the hole.
3.) plug into any standard polarized 230 V~ electrical outletNote: this product is rated at 230 V ~ 50 Hz, 0.5 A. 110 V product sold outside Europe) and let it charge for 12 hours (24 hours on initial charge).For best pump performance, you must completely drain the charge from your pump prior to recharging.

1.) Unplug the pump after it has been charged for 12 hours (24 hours on initial charge).
2.) Remove charger unit from the electrical outlet and the mini-plug from the pump.
3.) Re-insert the tiny rubber plug into the hole on the back of the pump.
NOTE: Pump will not run while charger is plugged into an electrical outlet.

1.) Place pump on valve as if to inflate product.
2.) Allow pump to run until the pump motor dies down.
NOTE: When properly used, your pump will hold a full charge for approximately 90 days. When storing pump for longer than 90 days, fully discharge and recharge pump every 120 days. This will help maximize pump life.
Cleaning your airbed
All AeroBeds have a flocked surface. If applicable, we recommend that you do not let the flocked surface of your AeroBed get wet. Repeated exposure to water or other liquids may cause damage to the flocked surface. Should liquid come in contact with the flocked surface, blot liquid dry and use a damp cloth to remove any stain. Let surface air dry completely.

Should liquid come in contact with the plush surface, blot liquid dry and use a damp cloth to remove any stain. Let surface air dry completely. You may clean the PVC on the sides and bottom of your AeroBed with a mild dishwashing detergent or household cleaner. Do not use strong chemicals or other compounds. Allow your bed to air dry completely after cleaning and before storing.
My AeroBed is deflating / leaking
Sometimes you might have the feeling that you airbed is “leaking” or losing air, as it loses pressure after inflation. This is a natural process due to the fact that all airbeds are stretching after they have been inflated. We recommend inflating the bed at least 2 hours before use and then adjust the pressure when you go to bed.

If your AeroBed is constantly deflating and you've checked the bed with soapy water and a sponge for any leaks then the most likely cause is a faulty air release valve, a replacement valve can be ordered through the spare parts section of the web site.

Please note: If you can only deflate your AeroBed via the remote control it will not have an air release valve. If this is the case please contact the retailer that you purchased your AeroBed from.

If you purchased your AeroBed at www.aerobed-europe.com/UK please send us a message through the contact us section of this site and a member of our customer services team will respond to your query within 5 working days.
My AeroBed has a puncture
All of our AeroBeds are constructed from heavy duty PVC, that is generally resistant to punctures. Punctures can occur however, if the PVC comes into contact with a long sharp object such as a pin.

Punctures can be very easily and quickly repaired with our puncture repair kit. You can order one through the spare parts section of the web site. Click on the VIDEO Tab in the top navigation to see a "How to" Video for some guidance.
How can I locate a puncture?
Fully inflate the bed and then closely inspect the bed looking at the following areas:

1. Go over the bed with soapy water and a sponge to locate any punctures more easily
2. The base, paying attention to the joins. You can often feel the air being expelled before you see the hole.
3. The side 'walls'.
4. The mattress surface

Click on the VIDEO Tab in the top navigation to see a "How to" Video for some guidance.
Patch a leak: How to remove the flocked side of the AeroBed
1. If the area you're patching is on the flocked (fuzzy) side of the bed, remove the flocking using fingernail polish remover that contains acetone. Pour some on a cotton ball and dab it on and around the area you're going to patch. This loosens the glue that is holding the flocked material to the vinyl surface. Scrape off the flocking with a blunt object like the edge of an old spoon.
2. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol.
3. Follow the directions on the patch kit

Click on the VIDEO Tab in the top navigation to see a "How to" Video for some guidance.
My pump is not working
The process for addressing a broken pump depends on the particular AeroBed that you have.

AeroBed purchased from another web site or a shop (not www.aerobed-europe.com/UK):
You will need to return the whole AeroBed to the retailer that you purchased it from along with your proof of purchase and the retailer will deal with your claim.

AeroBed purchased from www.aerobed-europe.com/UK:
Please send us a message through the contact us section of this site and we will contact you directly within 5 working days.

Classic / Comfort Raised / Active Range: pump attached to the outside edge of the bed:
The pump is replaceable and can be purchased directly from our webshop.

Platinum range - pump recessed into the bed behind a flat panel:
As the pump is built in, the whole bed needs to be replaced.

For General Enquiries & Spare Parts:

For general enquiries and assistance, if you are looking for a spare part, or have a question related to the performance of your product please email aerobed.nl@coleman.com or call our customer service team on 01275 845 024 (available Mon-Fri from 08:30 - 17:00).

For Returns & Warranties:
If you have a question regarding a warranty or return you must take the product back to the place of purchase along with a proof of purchase. They will be able to assess the product for you and will contact Aerobed as required.

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